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QRrawcode Class Reference

Raw Code holder. More...

Public Member Functions

 __construct (QRinput $input)
 Raw Code holder Constructor. More...
 init (array $spec)
 Initializes Raw Code according to current code speciffication. More...
 getCode ()
 Gets ECC code. More...

Public Attributes

 Integer code Version
 $datacode = array()
 Array data stream
 $ecccode = array()
 Array ECC Stream
 Integer RS Blocks count
 $rsblocks = array()
 Array of RSblock, ECC code blocks
 Integer position of currently processed ECC code
 Integer data stream length
 Integer ECC stream length
 Integer width of code in pixels, used as a modulo base for column overflow

Detailed Description

Raw Code holder.

Contains encoded code data before there are spatialy distributed into frame and masked. Here goes dividing data into blocks and calculating ECC stream.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QRrawcode::__construct ( QRinput  $input)

Raw Code holder Constructor.

QRinput$inputinput stream

Member Function Documentation

QRrawcode::getCode ( )

Gets ECC code.

Integer ECC byte for current object position
QRrawcode::init ( array  $spec)

Initializes Raw Code according to current code speciffication.

Array$speccode speciffigation, as provided by QRspec

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