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QRrsItem Class Reference

Reed-Solomon encoder item. More...

Public Member Functions

 modnn ($x)
 Modulo function in defined Field. More...
 encode_rs_char ($data, &$parity)
 Appends char into encoder. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static init_rs_char ($symsize, $gfpoly, $fcr, $prim, $nroots, $pad)
 Encoder initialisation. More...

Public Attributes

 Bits per symbol.
 Symbols per block (= (1<<mm)-1)
 $alpha_to = array()
 Log lookup table.
 $index_of = array()
 Antilog lookup table.
 $genpoly = array()
 Generator polynomial.
 Number of generator roots = number of parity symbols.
 First consecutive root, index form.
 Primitive element, index form.
 Prim-th root of 1, index form.
 Padding bytes in shortened block.
 Galois Field Polynomial.

Detailed Description

Reed-Solomon encoder item.

Member Function Documentation

QRrsItem::encode_rs_char (   $data,

Appends char into encoder.

Arrayparity table
static QRrsItem::init_rs_char (   $symsize,

Encoder initialisation.

Integer$symsizesymbol size, bit count (1..8)
Integer$gfpolyGalois Field Polynomial
Integer$fcrFirst consecutive root
Integer$primPrimitive element
Integer$nrootsNumber of generator roots = number of parity symbols
Integer$padPadding bytes in shortened block
QRrsItem::modnn (   $x)

Modulo function in defined Field.

Integer$xnumber to be modulo-mapped

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